10 Magnificent Places For Your 2019 Summer Holiday

Summer is a time to enjoy oneself as a way to take a break from the daily home and work routine. A nice vacation refreshes the soul, and it’s a nice opportunity to explore the beauties of the world.
There’re multiple places rich in the beauty of nature to make your summer holiday unforgettable. Different parts of the world have peculiar places which are popular and deliver the best during vacations.

Let’s take a look at some of the well known serene places to visit during your gate-away summer holiday.

1. Maui, Hawai.

Hawaii thrives with eye catching physical features to complete your holiday. Moreover, the sandy beaches like Maui and Waikiki Beach offer an excellent platform to relax and bask under the sun as you enjoy the freshness of nature around you.
Among the common activities to engage in are; sun bathing, wildlife spotting in Haleakala National Park .The best time to visit this paradise is on April to May and September to November.

2. Koh Samui, Thailand.

It’s an indisputable fact that Thailand is graced with plenty of scenarios which tourists never get enough of what the country has to offer. Koh Samui is one of the many destinations in Thailand famous for its breath-taking scenarios.
There are plenty of activities to engage in to spice up your summer holiday. Ranging from the 7 Magical Garden, hidden deep in the medial jungle, the jungles are filled with images from deities like Buddhist mythology.

Experience a night full of fun with a beach party and the full moon party as you dance the night away. Moreover ,visiting the Tiger Zoo, Samui Aquarium and Hin Yai Hin is also a good way to kick off your summer break.

3. Bali, Indonesia.

Bali is a nice destination for a vacation either alone or with kids, in fact, it’s rated to be the safest touring places in the country. There are plenty natural places to explore, leave alone the beaches, take a moment to feast you eyes on the emerald paddies and listen to the throbbing of the magnificent water falls.
End your day with a beautiful sunset scenery from the coastline, however, you might think that with all the richness bumped in a single place, Bali can be an expensive place to tour. That’s not the case, its a place where you can enjoy more and spend less.

4. Hoi An, Vietnam.

Take a break from the beach life and learn more about the history. Hoi An is a place rich in history, visit the Museum of Cham Sculpture to see the ancient Vietnamese collection which includes carvings of their gods and goddesses.

Take a stroll around the ancient Hoi An village as you learn more about the culture of Hon An residents. The place is rich in artitectural marvel and love for food. As a tourist, allow yourself the pleasure of learning how to prepare Hoi famous dishes by taking cooking classes in Hoi An city.

5. Paros, Greece.

The buildings in Paros are all painted white, the color blends well with the tacquis waters that surrounds city to give the city a beautiful view. The island is best known for its beaches and ancient villages. The best time to visit this touristic island is on June to August.

Visit the famous Panagai Ekatontapiliani and Valley of the Butterflies. Since the place is packed during high seasons, is best to book your stay in advance.

6. Seychelles, East Africa.
The island is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Every point of the island is equipped with fabulous resorts to give you a comfortable break. Not to forget the multiple restaurant in the city which give you a chance to enjoy the island’s multiple cuisine.

Enjoy a visit around the Anse Lazio, Morne Seychellois and Bicentennial Monument.The best time to visit the Seychelles Islands is from April to May and October to November.

7. Marseille, France.
The city is found in the center of Provence region and is a perfect spot for a summer get-away. Not only is the place rich in trade but also full of cultural heritage of more than a thousand years.

The city has a favourable climate during summer making it the best place to be especially in June. Explore the old port which has been participating in trade for 2500 years. The best time to visit the place is from June to July.

8. Las Vegas.

We all know that the sun never sets in this sin city. If you are a party freak, Vegas is the ultimate place to set foot during your summer holiday. The city has multiple casinos and clubs to give you the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.
Although vacations in Las Vegas can be costly, the visit is worth it due to the fact that there are plenty of places and activities to engage in.

9. Mauritius.

The island has cool weather conditions making it an ideal place to be during summer. With its beautiful beaches, lagoons and crystal clear reefs, the island does not seem to bore.

Enjoy a visit to Tamarind Falls and Ganga Talao without forgetting to to take a hike in Black River Gorges National Park. The best place to visit such a destination is on May.

10. Iceland.

It’s no doubt that Ice Land is rich with adventure and nature, its the best place to take a break from the heat and humid. Relax at the famous Blue Lagoon Spa. Do not forget to pay a visit to places like Selfoss and Keflavik. The best time to visit Ice Land is any day after March

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