7 Makeup Beauty Trends That Are Growing

As we ushered in 2017, doors of new beauty trends opened. Some of those trends are new while others are just and advancement of what was there in 2016. Below are 7 makeup trends that are growing. They will make you feel and look good all year long.

1. The Black Pencil Liner

The black pencil liner traced along the inner waterline of your eye has faithfully replaced the cat eyeliner, which was quite common in 2016. It is similar that you used back in middle school only that this time round you could actually pull it off.

2. The 80’s Beauty Signifiers

If you think that makeup trends from the last century are completely gone, think again because beauty signifiers of the 1980’s have made a comeback in 2017. These trends are growing at a lightning speed and they include poofy hair, use of the color blush, and blue shadow.

3. Eyelash Extensions

After perfecting your eye makeup artistry with breeze eyeliner and intricate shadows, you can boost your lashes using eyelash extensions that draw attention to your eyes – there are many premium ones available such as Xtreme Lashes. Fake but gorgeous eyelashes exist, all of which come at a reasonable price. You can invest in several of them just in case you misplace one of them.

4. The Super Sleek Hairstyle

One of the biggest hair trends on 2017 is straightened, shiny, and parted at the center. To enjoy this hairstyle, you have to make sure your hair is strong and shiny compared to fried hair. Also before putting a straightener through your hair, protect it with the appropriate products to prevent breakage.

5. Smudged On Purpose Lips

When the lip liner gives your lips a glorious effect, you can as well forget it and try smudged lips. Apply lipstick, smudge out the liner. Then use a large brush to buff it out before applying gloss on top and within the lipstick. Do not apply it on the outside parts of your lips. This trend of lipstick application gives you the confidence to go clubbing and even kiss without deliberately being stained.

6. Metallic Lite

The metallic lite is still trending even in 2017 but fashionable women do it more delicately to match the changing fashion. To move with the wave, try little touches on your gold highlighter on the cheekbones or swiping silver shadow. Be sure to use just a little amount to achieve the desired effect.

7. The High Pony

You could do so much with your hair but the high pony is one of the trending hairstyles this year. All you need to do is stack your hair all the way up and secure it. The tighter you hold it, the more lifted your face will look. Best thing is that you can choose to do it rumpled or as a stick straight. Either way, it will look great.

Most of these trends may be seasonal and as the year grows, new makeup styles may come up. Currently, however, the above are trending. You should adopt them because they will make you look fabulous especially when it comes to extreme, but fashionable eyelashes.

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