Is Humanity Completely Removed From Esoteric And Philosophical Exploration

What is really the place of modern thinking man within a world full of problems, tensions, conflicts and anomalies?

Indifference, personal interests and the limited scope each one has set around their being should be the starting point in answering the question: Is humanity completely removed from esoteric and philosophical exploration?

The Individual Vs. Esoteric And Philosophical Schools

What an impartial observer could immediately state is that modern society lives in a semi-hypnotized condition. Unfortunately, at the level of the individual human beings, processes cannot be triggered instantly as our inner equipment is very insufficient for a true individual intention.

Is this the same with esoteric and philosophical schools? Supposedly, today, people are in search of different teachings that aim at the creation of awakened individuals who possess an active will for unconditional participation in the world problems. Is this really happening? The truth is that the emphasis has been put more on the form and much less in the essence.

The Real Stance Of Modern Day Esotericists Towards World Problems

To understand the way modern esotericism is dealing with the problem of the creation of a common force of Good that will counterbalance the tendency towards chaos and the Bad, we need to grasp the distinction that exists between real action and any substitute thereof. Behind any meditation, vision or prayer for love all over the world, there is a certain “must” and very little warmth.

The mechanistic mentalism is adequately developed, and it generates ideas, interrelates information and is in a constant effort to reach conclusions. Such conditions can certainly make us better people, but only as far our interpersonal relationships are of concern.

What About Those Who Are Really Working?

When talking about esotericism and progress of the humanity to be credited on philosophical exploration, our mind goes to individuals who work truly, but whom unfortunately we show little care about. Any progress made so far in this world is due to few people who gave in their struggle everything they had. They were warm in their hearts and very real about their ideals.

What they felt as an impulse to act, was a natural thing and not the product of mimesis. Their will was firm despite the seemingly (to the huge majority) insurmountable problems they encountered. The shortage our modern society is facing, unfortunately is in this type of people,the real workers.

Why Such A Shortage?

The esotericist of today is unable to stand up and proclaim or even fulfill their will. The reason for this inability is that between the will of the modern esotericist and their ideals interject methods and mimetic procedures or even styles.

Such interferences block the attainment of the conception of life of self-evident sacrifice and struggle. Despite this bleak condition of modern humanity, we must retain our belief that there is always a path connecting “here” to “there” and this is the path of the truth.

Let’s Face Our Inner Poverty

If the genuine search for the truth is missing, the void inside the esotericist will continue polluting the sources of life, no matter how flashily they clothe their conscience. To bring humanity closer to esotericism and philosophical exploration we must first realize how poor we are inside, how deep our lack of a genuine will to find the truth is.

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