Medicinal Plants vs Pharmaceutical Medicines

A lot of people today have become more dependent on the use of pharmaceutical medicines compared to using medicinal plants. Although there are studies that show positive results from treating illnesses using herbal plants, people are still quite reluctant.

People are aware of the benefits when using herb plants, but it seems, only a few will give a shot for it for treatment.

To give a little light about herbal medicines, a study conducted by University of Maryland Medical Center shows the history, as well as the functions of the most common herbal medicines.

It was stated that the use of plants had long been part of the tradition in human history. People’s primary source for treating diseases before is the plants around them. There are healing rituals and other medicinal systems recorded that involve the use of herbal plants. So, it is quite safe to say that plants have been proven quite effective long before.

But, what happens why people are still in doubt with these herbal products?

According to Mother Earth News, these might be the reasons why people are still in doubt of using medicinal plants.

1. Labeling of the herbal medicines.

If you have noticed, medications that involve herbal plants are labeled as food supplements rather than as drugs. Although herbal manufacturing companies may need to meet specific requirements to be able to function like a drug, it will still affect the perception of people regarding herbal medicines.

Supplements may take on health benefits but are still subject to approval by the Food and Drug Administration.

2. Lack of financial support for research.

Compared to pharmaceutical companies, where billions have been given to fund in continuous research and development, herbal products have less financial capabilities to sustain the research. When an individual product lacks enough research, it will never be a thing into the industry of medicines.

Medicines, may it be man-made or from herbal plants, require strong supporting evidence to be able to be part of the market and can also be trusted by the consumers. It requires thorough and continuous research. Without enough funding, often, researchers will give up on the project.

3. Lack of proof for the effectiveness of the herbal medicines.

This reason is more of an effect to the previous one. People like to hear confirmation from other individuals and from researchers about how useful is a medicine before considering it. Without these proof, it is impossible for the consumer to be able to use or even recognize that certain herbal products.

Often, people hear testimonials of the effectiveness of herbal medicine, but it is still not enough to convince the majority of the people. Sometimes, people even will not inform their doctors that they have taken an alternative medicine; afraid that the doctors might question its effectiveness.

4. Possible adverse reactions.

Adverse reactions might not be a concern as there are only a few incidents of harmful effects of medicinal plants reported, but it is still part of the reason that might need to be considered. Sometimes, because people are not sure on what to take, they will go for both medications. It is quite risky as there are individual reactions when you take a herbal medicine together with prescription drugs.

Often, the herbal medicines are taking all the blame. It is why it is important to always ask for advice regarding treatments.

These are some of the causes why people have lesser faith when it comes to herbal medicines. Even if we know there are lots of benefits, for example, less adverse reactions and cheaper compared to prescription drugs, it is still quite hard to make them explore the benefits of herbal medicines. Still, knowledge is power and if people continue to be educated by its effects, then maybe, things might change.

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