Which Country has the best medical care in the world?

According to the World Health Organization, France has the best medical care system in the world.France has an excellent state run medical care system that ensures that the state pays the higher percentage of the cost of medical care for every patient. These are the following reasons why France’s health care system is the best compared with other advanced countries in the world.

1. Insurance Coverage

Several industrialized nations in the world provide Universal Health Insurance but France’s health insurance coverage is regarded as the best. France spends an average of 12% of its GDP on health care on a yearly basis, this is more than that of other industrialized nations in the world.

2. Access to health care

Another reason why France ranks very high in terms of health care is that French citizens have better access to health care compared to other advanced countries. In several industrialized nations, citizens have to endure long waits before they can see a specialist doctor or have surgery. This differ from country to country, the situation is better in America and Germany compared to other advanced countries but overall, France performs best in this category.

3. Fairness of health care given to citizens

Another reason why the health care in France is very popular and reputable is the fairness of its health care to citizens irrespective of financial status. While countries like America performs poorly in this regard, France has a very fair health care system. The disparity between the health care given to richer or poorer citizens alike is very minimal.

4. Healthy Lives

Citizens of France have healthier lifestyles compared to other industrialized nations. While America has a high infant mortality rate and a poor life expectancy of 60 years, France does better in terms of the overall health of its citizens. France has a life expectancy of 82.67 years and has a low infant mortality rate. On the average, French citizens have an healthier lifestyle compared to other industrialized countries.

5. Quality of health care

France has a quality health care system. The quality of a health care system is defined by the access of a citizen to the right care and standard clinical procedures for every given health condition. French citizens have access to the proper consultants and medical practitioners for every health problem and are treated with the best procedures.

6. Patient Satisfaction

France also performs exceptionally well in terms of patient satisfaction. This is not the case in several advanced nations of the world. In America for instance, there are many negative reviews of the health care system by citizens. This is an aspect where France’s health care system excels better than other nations in the industrialized world. Many French citizens are satisfied with their health care system.

7. Use of information technology

The integration of information technology into health care delivery is another reason why France is regarded to have a sound health care system. Compared to other advanced countries, France is more advanced in terms of the use of information technology in the health care industry. This is characterized by electronic medical records, electronic prescriptions among others.

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