Various Interesting Fitness Statistics In 2017

Without over emphasizing about fitness, physical exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Many people know physical exercise as a means of losing weight, but the truth is physical activity has many health benefits than just weight loss. When you actively integrate physical activity into your daily life, you will not only enjoy good health but also you are likely to increase your lifespan and your general well-being.

To enjoy good health, it is crucial that you exercise regularly and combine that with taking a healthy diet and if you must use medication natural herbs are the best.

Different Activities

You must have heard this myth that for you to enjoy good health, you must spend many hours at the gym, right? That is not true. Recent research indicates that 58% of those people who engage in more than one physical activity person week enjoy the benefits of good health.

What these statistics show is that you do not have to be stuck to the same boring gym workouts every passing day. You can opt to go running one beautiful morning or go swimming or further still play your favourite game, and you will still reap the same health benefits.

Number of Exercise Days

Do you have to hit the gym all the seven days of the week to reap the benefits of exercise? Absolutely not! A research study shows that 30% of those considered successful in physical exercise, engage in physical activity only five days in a week.

However, you need to engage in a vigorous physical exercise for at least 30 minutes each day to strike a balance between the cardio and the body weight.


You might be wondering, “What will it benefit me to strain myself in doing 30 minutes of vigorous exercise 5 days a week?” well, studies show that people who exercise regularly have the advantage of reducing chances of getting some of the lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. They also reduce chances and risk of getting depression or back pain.

Even renown doctors agree that physical activity plays a significant role in reducing the risks of all these diseases and many others.

That is not all; physical exercise will help you in attaining an ideal body weight. This is because physical activity increases the rate of your body’s metabolism which translates into increased calories burning in the muscles. If you intend to reduce your body weight, you must engage in a vigorous physical activity otherwise your weight loss dream in nearly an impossibility.

Parting Shot

The big question now is, “Does fitness matter?” you bet it does. Physical activity might not be the one single answer to the health question because, to enjoy good health completely, you must strike a balance between the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects. But the truth is if you can increase your physical activity without neglecting the other aspects of health. You stand a chance of reducing chances of contracting certain diseases, increase your heart health, increase your focus, better your blood circulation, lower your blood pressure and bad cholesterol, improve your mood generally and successfully manage your weight.

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